As I continue my work as Six Seconds volunteer Network Leader, I was delight to have the opportunity to offer this quarter’s free EQ Café today (8 January 2021), where the participants and I investigated the topic of Compassion.

Let’s be honest, what a year we’ve all had. It’s been one that we won’t soon forget as well as one that has challenged us to do things differently and tested our need for connection and self-compassion.The theme: Compassion indeed fits the occasion.

Sharing this experience with me were participants from Austria and Australia. Together, we learned more about emotional intelligence and how self-empathy helps us develop compassion for others. Self-care, respect, and compassion are all necessary attributes of self-love. If a person practices self-compassion, they are more likely to have compassion for others. The ability to practice self-care isn’t always innate — especially when you’re out of the habit of doing so, but it can be learned.

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